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  • Trustpilot claims that they are committed to being the most trusted online review community on the market. But in fact, all they do is to harass the online shops, force them to sign up with their outrageously expensive membership for no service at all.
  • They claim they provide a trust environment between customers. However, what they really do is to delete positive reviews claiming that they are fake and encourage customers to leave negative reviews about shops.And why do you think Trustpilot does this? It’s simple. Because they think they build more trust by doing so. When they have more negative reviews on their websites, online shoppers think Trustpilot is really an advocate to customer rights. They think Trustpilot protects their rights and lets them speak up. But this is just a stage show! They are actually using online shoppers to blackmail companies. Even when someone who has never shopped on a website can leave a fake negative review and Trustpilot will never delete it. They will claim that they have proof of purchase. They never provide any proof. They are just bullies!
  • On the other hand, many positive reviews left by real customers are deleted at some point. Why? Because they can’t stand companies to have a good profile. Think about it; when a company has a high trust score, they will not pay Trustpilot anymore! They will not keep spending money trying to prove their customers that they are actually reliable companies that care about customer satisfaction.
  • Trustpilot cannot stand any obstacles in constant flow of money to their accounts. They want to keep more money in their pockets, no matter how. They have no business ethics; no morals. They don’t care about customers. They don’t care about shops. They don’t care about real opinions. They want money. More and more money.
  • Trustpilot is just a criminal manipulating customers’ opinions and using them against the online  shops. Have a look at their website. Follow up a few companies. Whenever someone’s trust score goes up, they just delete bunch of positive reviews to keep the score down.

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